Before continuing you must take into account the following information,
if you ignore them you are solely responsible for your actions

All the virus you will find in this database are DANGEROUS,
use them only on a machine you own.
If there is any problem, I would not be responsible for your actions.

If you do not agree to these terms, please do not download any virus

  • Chilled Windows

    Harmless virus, it just turns your screen in all directions and displays lots of strange errors

    memz trojan image
  • 000.exe

    Extremely dangerous virus !! after it has restarted your machine, you will not be able to stop it and it will take full control of your machine and display scary images to freak you out

    000.exe trojan image
  • Memz

    Extremely dangerous virus which prevents the machine from booting but before that, you will have the right to a most frightening spectacle...

    memz trojan image