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Learn c

the C programming language, successor of the B language, is a programming language developed between 1972 and 1973 by
Dennis Ritchie, it was created to build utilities running under unix, and it was applied to the kernel re-implemention
of the Unix operating system, during the 1980s. C gradually gained in popularity and became
one of the most widely used programming languages ​
Learn algorithmics

All programming languages, as different as they are, all have one thing in common, it is the very logic of programming, algorithms. this is why it is very important before learning your first programming language to know the basic principles of algorithms
Learn php

PHP is a backend programming language, it means that it is a language that is executed on a server, it is used to change dynamically the content a an HTML page
Learn Web development

HTML and CSS are the languages used to design websites.
Web browsers currently only support these two languages ​​which is why they have no competition and are the only languages ​​used to code websites.

HTML is a markup language while CSS is a style language