This script will unable the Discord experiments tab on Discord

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How to unable Discord experiments

What is Discord experiments ?

The Discord experiments tab allows you to access features that have not yet been released by discord

But beware, activating this feature is against Discord TOS, you are responsible for your actions

How to unable Disocrd Experiments

Start by opening the developer tools by pressing Ctrl + Shift + i and open the console tab
Copy and past this code and hit Enter
l: (m, e, r) => {
for (k in r.c)
(m = r.c[k].exports) &&
m.default &&
m.default.isDeveloper == 0 &&
Object.defineProperty(m.default, 'isDeveloper', { get: () => 1 })

A new tab should appear in your settings

Is it a scam ?

No but as you can see on the warning, if you don't know what a script does. You can close console menu.
Before pasting script(s), Please try to review the code.