Importing javascript ⚙️

The js() and pageJs() functions are called at the end of the body element of the page and are used to import javascript.
The scripts imported with the js() function will always be loaded, but the pageJs() function will load the scripts only if the page content is displayed, for example, it will be ignored if the user needs to be redirected to another page.
You can set the page content to not be displayed with the dontShowPageContent() function, the pageJs() function will then be ignored.

Each file that you want to import is represented by one argument of the function, the .js extension will be added automatically, and all files will be loaded from the 📂 /js directory.

js("my-script", "other-script"); // Will load 
// - /js/my-script.js
// - /js/other-script.js

pageJs("form", "avatar"); // Will load
// - /js/form.js
// - /js/avatar.js
// But not if the page content is not displayed

Warning 🚨

Even if you don't need to import any stylesheet, you must always call the js() function.



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