Cookies policy 🍪

What is a cookie 🍪

Cookies 🍪, or internet cookies 🌐, are small lines of text with a name, they are stored by your web browser and they are usually used to identify you when you visit a website.

Two types of cookies 🍪

Essential cookies ✅

Essential cookies are cookies that can only be accessed by one website. They are used to store information that is needed to make the website work properly, for example, to keep you logged in

Non-essential cookies 🤔

Non-essential cookies are cookies that can be accessed by multiple websites, they are not essential to the website.

They are used to track the pages and sites that you visit to collect data about you and more.

The data collected is usually sold to third parties, for analytics, marketing purposes, and to improve advertising

What type of cookies do we use? 🤔

At, we only use Essential cookies, to keep you logged in to your account

We don't and will never share or sell informations about what page you visited to third parties ✅

Your concent

If you don't accept our use of cookies, please don't use our services


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