About skwal.net

What is skwal.net 🤔

We want to create a welcoming and caring place for everyone to discover cool & interesting things, share their knowledge, ideas, and creations.

Skwal.net is a forum about programming but you can find content on other domains

My name is Léopold Koprivnik Ibghy aka SkwalExe, I am 14 years old french 🇫🇷 student, I created skwal.net in 2018, when I was 10 years old and I continue to maintain it.

When I wrote the first line of code for this forum, I didn't know anything about coding, I learned everything I know while coding this website, it represents my first experience with programming.

I love FOSS, and I am very interested in the history of linux 🐧

I love creating open source, fun and interesting programs or libraries that you can find on my Github


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